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Ideas about lightweight - elements out of natural stone

There are many reasons for the application of natural stone and of course there are also many reasons for the application of very light stone.

If one looks at the development of the building material stone during the last 1000 years, the thinner and thinner and lighter panel becomes the natural and logical consequence.

Stone developed from the statically carrying component to the purely decorative desguising element. The reasons for this are manifold. In the central issue economic circumstances, as well as the fact, that in the meantime building materials with more favourable qualities exist with regard to statics, insulation etc,

Thin - and lightweigt: The thin stone slabs can be processed easily! Whether the mutation of the natural stone of the ashlar to the thin slab was an emotionally positive development or not, is not to be judged here. Nevertheless, a striking disadvantage continues: The worse static qualities caused by the anavoidable originating smaller formats of thin slabs. The smaller the slabs formats become, the more disadvatageous is the effect of grained and structured stone which shows a unique specimen in every large-size slab.

Who dressed up a surface optically, has as the only purpose to improve in appearance of this surface. With it the originating coheren surface of the flat disguising is the most important criterion of this measure. The thickness of the panel has no meaning for the optics.

The development of the thin stones elements from natural stone had to create as a final goal panels which dispose as wide formats very easily from weight, simply in the obstructing and about the greatest possible stability. We have managed this with the development of Tiziano Hybrid lightweight panels.


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06. - 09. März 2018  Internationale Fachmesse für Steine und Steinbearbeitung



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