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Technik Tiziano Hybrid

The lightweight panel system that has the brand name Tiziano-Hybrid®, is a non-combustible, flexible and vibration-resistant backing material combined with natural stone. The backing materials such as lightweight concrete, aluminum honeycomb or aluminum combond be used there as well as other substrates. Between the stone and the backing material a fibreglass armouring is embedded. This ensures the high stability of our products. The sufficient thickness of the hybrid panels depends o several application-specific factors and is between 5mm and 25mm.  

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Tiziano-Hybrid® panels weigh only one third compared to a solid stone panel. This allows the use of natural stone in applications, where it was not possible due to structural reasons. The panels are made of sizes similar to the conventional natural stone tiles. Mostly all kinds of natural stone can be processed to Tiziano-Hybrid®.

By laminating with fibreglass and the backing material we can also return fragile and porous slabs into the required stability.

In the development work has been paid attention to the best and most intractable connections between the stone and backing material. Due to the modification of the lightweight concrete we succeeded to align the expansion coefficients to the two materials, that there are no strain cracks even at high temperature fluctuations. Our proprietary process technology enables a simple and stable production process. 

The on-site mounting technology is commercially available with flexible mounting adhesives. Other mounting options provide frame systems, clasps, and special anchor systems.

All our products are certified by authorized organizations and meet with the requirements concerning static building authorities, fire protection, safety and security.



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